Resolution from the 6th District of Wisconsin


WHEREAS, the National Republican Party History Museum and Archives is being constructed in Ripon, Wisconsin, a city nationally recognized as the birthplace of the Republican Party and within the Sixth District Republican Party of Wisconsin boundaries;

WHEREAS, the lack of historical acumen among the general populace has contributed to political acrimony, an unhealthy division among the nation’s citizenry, and often dysfunctional public discourse;

WHEREAS, the Republican Party has over a century and a half of history to showcase and, like much of our nation’s history, the Republican Party’s history is frequently misrepresented;

WHEREAS, the Republican Party has a vibrant story to tell – it is the true party of the people that champions genuine civil rights, economic growth, and opportunity for all – but in no single place is its history definitively recorded;

WHEREAS, the museum will be on par with a presidential museum and follow the National Archives presidential library and museum model:  a museum that tells the Party’s story using interactive exhibits, documents, artifacts, photographs, and videos and a library and archives that house the Party’s collective recorded history (documents, recordings, etc.) for research and preservation purposes;

WHEREAS, the Sixth District Republican Party of Wisconsin recognizes the urgent need to preserve our party’s heritage and history;

WHEREAS, the museum, a professional historic endeavor, is endorsed and assisted by the Wisconsin Historical Society;

WHEREAS, the non-profit museum endeavor celebrates the Party’s charitable and entrepreneurial spirit by funding its creation and continued existence exclusively through private donations and without government largess or special accommodation;

WHEREAS, the museum will bring extensive economic growth to Ripon, the surrounding area, and Wisconsin overall;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Sixth District Republican Party of Wisconsin, in caucus assembled, resoundingly supports the creation of the National Republican Party History Museum and Archives in Ripon, Wisconsin, and encourages similar support from Republicans both state- and nation-wide.