Inside the Museum

The Museum will present a celebration of the Party’s multiple “birthplaces.”









Permanent Exhibits:

  • Founders Exhibit, celebrating concerned citizens past and present that have fostered the Republican ideal
  • Call for Freedom, 1776-1860 (Signature holographic, interactive re-enactment)
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1876
  • Doldrums, 1876-1896
  • Golden Age, 1896-1932
  • Wilderness, 1932-1980
  • Conservative Resurgence, 1980-Present

Additional Museum Space:

  • U.S. Constitution and Civics Educational Experience
  • Rotating exhibits (new every six months)
  • National Republican Party archives (transferred to Ripon from Washington, D.C.)
  • Interactive children’s area (featuring Ella the Elephant and Honest Abe)
  • Academic internship opportunities
  • Museum foundation offices
  • Gathering space for catered special events (ie. meetings, weddings)
  • Museum store and café