The Foundation is currently pursuing qualified professionals for the positions listed below.   More positions will be available upon reaching the project stage of preparing for the grand opening.  Sign up for our email updates to stay informed.   Contact Kim Davis, Director of Administration for information regarding the positions listed.


Provides leadership, direction, and coordination of Museum resources.  Plays a significant role in the planning, development and installation of exhibitions and the accompanying scholarly and interpretive publications.  Determines the overall story the Museum will display.  Provides oversight of exhibits and educational programs.  Directs focus on programs, operations, structure, and strategies.  Designs the major museum exhibits to provide the narrative with a positive, yet non-partisan tone to underscore Republican achievements and challenges. Master’s degree in history (Ph.D. preferred), fine arts or closely related field, or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience.  Also requires a minimum of three years museum experience at the senior level in a museum’s curatorial or education department with a measurable level of achievement of institutional goals.

Archivist – Collections Management and Processing

The Archivist serves as subject expert for processing and making related technical improvements to selected collections.  Arranges and describes private records collections and improves intellectual control through online aids.  Makes recommendations and prepares for the digitization of selected collections inclusive of all formats and media.  Additionally, acts as a subject expert to work on the improvement of physical and intellectual control of selected visual materials collections, and oversees work of part-time employees, interns and volunteers.  Knowledge of archival standards, methods, theory, and contemporary practice, as typically acquired in an archives graduate school program or comparable certification. Knowledge of United States presidential and political history helpful.


A registrar’s job is primarily concerned with the movement of objects in and out of museums and galleries.  Collects, preserves, interprets and/or displays objects of artistic, historical or scientific importance, and has the responsibility for carrying out and/or documenting one or more of the following activities:  object entry, acquisition and disposal, loans management, collection care, object packing and logistics, exhibition installation, and exhibition tour management.  Candidates are also expected to have hands-on experience in museum collection database management, digitization, collections cataloging, and accession and loan procedures.  A Bachelor’s degree in history, art history, fine arts, or a field related to museum interests and three or more years experience.  A graduate education in museum studies or field relating to the museum’s collections a plus.

Exhibits Technician

The Exhibits Technician works closely with other staff towards the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of in-house, traveling and off-site exhibitions.  The primary focus of this position is on the daily care and upkeep of exhibit components – specifically on weekends – ensuring they are maintained to a high level and conducting or arranging repairs when required.  Candidate must be a “self-starter” with a strong customer service ethic, the ability to analyze situations and troubleshoot problems, and deliver appropriate solutions.  Ideal candidates will possess a general working knowledge of accepted museum/gallery standards in regards to exhibit maintenance and construction, use of tools and equipment, and the ability to research, identify, and procure parts and supplies using online computer and printed catalogs and other sources.  Proven expertise or work experience with emphasis on design, museum studies, fine arts, or in a related specific trade/skill.  Prior experience working in a museum or gallery environment a plus.